Thursday, October 13, 2016

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Who Is The Smartest? Dog or Cat

Which is the smartest cat or dog?

Who Is The Smartest? Dog or Cat

The study of animal behavior is always baffled researchers and pet owners all over the world, especially breeders cats and dogs and that took them kind of a challenge to prove whichever is the smartest...

Of the hard stuff comparison between dogs and cats in terms of intelligence, it is simply that each of them specific ways to show intelligence, for example, may not be the comparison between milk and bread !!, cats hunters skilled and are in the process unilaterally, and they can understand how things work around them without training, such as the door opened, in contrast, dogs have the ability to integrate into society as they are able to receive training and to live with the man, as they're able to read the psychological state of humans.

Are dogs smarter than cats or vice versa?, There are some practical studies suggest that dogs smarter than cats because of the sympathetic character who enjoys, when dogs superb skills to help them develop itself dramatically, and in this study the dispute between the owners of these pets in regards to whichever ends smartest animal.

Of course cats owners seeking to show the opposite, but there is little scientific evidence and logical to support these theories.

Scientific Facts about the intelligence of these animals:

Scientifically known that the brain of the cat represents only about 0.9 percent of his body weight, while the brain of a dog is 1.2 percent of its weight, there are some researchers say that the brain size is not a criterion for measuring IQ, the number of nerve cells between these different the animals, there are also difference in the nerve cells responsible for the information in the analysis of the brain area. Cats has 280 million neurones, while dog have 160 million neurones.

Recent studies have shown:

In the last few years, various studies have begun to show how intelligent dogs, but unfortunately there is a significant lack of reporting on the perception of cats, This may be related to the difficulty of working with cats, in 2009, the researchers sought to determine whether the cats are able to distinguish between objects.

The study showed that it is easier to work with fish more than cats, and at the end of this study, was shown that cats can be trained to distinguish quantities, but they do not have the ability like some other animals to do this.

- Another study found that cats complain about the great difficulty in tracking the banners such as dogs, which indicates that cats have a rudimentary theory of mind, and also research showed that dogs can solve simple puzzles to get the food, but when the puzzle is solvable, behave dogs It asks where human help intelligently, while the remaining cats and retry several times.

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