Saturday, October 15, 2016

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How do you teach your dog to obey your orders?

 teach your dog to obey your orders

1. Reward the dog for his outstanding work and punished him on the bad work. This increases the desire to master when the dog work and avoid making mistakes.

2. Do not change a word which, if you tell him the first time: to go home. In other time: Come stroll together. This change is causing confusion in understanding when the dog, and thus it cannot be taught. Keep the same words when speaking or give orders.

3 - Once you give it to him to sit down on the bed, for example, positioned above the bed, and I remember the dog and the bed name
And if he tried to get off him, and scolded him. And if he stays, I play with him and repeated some words of encouragement such as: Bravo, great, good, wonderful dog......

4. In some cases, you can give him a piece of meat or sweets to encourage him, after he did a great job.

5. Beware of yelling at him might be his reaction fierce, beyond your face with him for fear of hurt you.

6. Do not take anything from him, but kept him out first, and then picked up a thing.

7. Do not improvise commands, but choose the right ones in the right place.

8. Not be surprised when you arrive to him, it was his reaction be violent before they recognize you.

9. Never run behind the dog refuses to allow you to link it, you can give him is to sit down and then go and link it on your own.

10. Do not harsh on the dog's three-month-old before, as punishment before this age does not work, as long as the dog does not understand why punish.

11. Punished the dog in the wrong place, to know the reason for the punishment.

12. Training must be away from the kennel.

13. Your dog does not lose his self-confidence.

14-dog does not hit hard, but mild reprimands and beatings when the error, and leave it at home without manipulating for at least half an hour. Careful not to be hit in the sensitive areas of the body, for example the chest.
15. Do not leave it loose when it comes to you guests, there are those who do not like dogs.

16. Every six months I give your dog an anti-worm medication.

17. Vaccination: Vaccinate your dog, and this process shall be returned each year.

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