Saturday, October 1, 2016

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These are the signs of cancer in dogs

When you have a wonderful dog in the house, I think that something more afraid of listening to him from the doctor is that loyal friend has cancer
But if you know the most prominent warning signs of canine cancer, it may help to diagnose the health condition of the dog and get treatment before it is too late
Here, we give you the 11 most important warning signs of canine cancer :

Loss of Appetite

When the dog stops eating or complaining of loss of appetite, it should immediately presented to the veterinarian. There are many types of cancer cause digestive problems in animals. None of these diseases can leave the puppy does not eat because of pain in the stomach and nausea

Weight loss

If your dog was suffering from excessive weight gain or weight loss as an abnormal, you have to worry, cancer changes the way you use the right nutrients in the body and weight loss is one of the most prominent clinical manifestations

Ulcers on the skin

Skin cancer often look like small solid blocks. However, if there is a small area of your dog that began to look like a scratch or wound, became red and bleeding skin, and did not heal in a short period of time, you should consult a doctor who specializes in skin cancer. These indicators can be a possible signs of skin cancer

unpleasant smell

Smelly sourced from anywhere in your small dog may be a sign of cancer. Stinking smell of the mouth can indicate the incidence of oral cancer disease or procedure, the smell of the skin or the back end of the digestive tract and rectum can be skin cancer.
If your dog has a musty smell with no obvious reasons, make an appointment as soon as possible with your doctor


Often, cancer in dogs abnormal growth in different areas of the body appears. Sometimes suffer internally, making it difficult discovery because it is invisible, it can be shaped sores on the skin, too. . There are several types of complex internal tumors caused ultimately swelling distractor on the abdomen level, as well, so it must be addressed immediately if it has been observed.


When you notice that the dog began to limp or scratching its claws, immediately you should see a veterinarian. Yes, there are several reasons why a dog limp, but one of them is cancer, especially if they are on the level of bone. Veterinarian can diagnose the main reason the dog is limping through a comprehensive examination, there may be a need for X-rays and some complex tests if he was worried about the signs of cancer.

Difficulties in eating

Sitting near the dog eating times, if you notice that the dog tries to eat, but has problems, then the presence of tumor markers in the mouth or swelling, runny excessive salivation occurs

Signs of fatigue

For dogs printed special because she likes fun and play, it is the one who is a natural reluctance on these behaviors.
If you notice that your dog is very quiet, it's not good. Cancer can be very subtle, especially in the advanced stages, it is very certain that attends any residue, no matter how simple, bring the vet's

Breathing problems

When the dog finds cough cough or breathing problems should review the veterinarian at the earliest. There are several reasons that will cause severe coughing such as heart disease, but does not have a problem in the verification of lung cancer

Problems with defecation

Note that when the dog shits abnormally and it must be difficult to be presented to the veterinarian. This type of signs referring to the early stages of cancer.

Personality Changes

Since you know the dog well if you can detect any changes and if they were simple in character, for example, be inclined to isolation, loss of appetite or some fierce thing. This may indicate health problems. So should collect this information, and delivered to the veterinarian
We should not ignore these warning signs and speeding diagnosed If you are interested in the health of the small dog

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