Sunday, September 18, 2016

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10 tips to care for your dog

Researchers say that the best friend of man is a dog, and this for many reasons, the first being their loyalty and unconditional love that shown by dogs toward the man in general, Dogs playful and likes to play, some say that the dog change their lives for the better, because dogs offers you all this pleasure must learn how to take care of her and understand what you need when you are in abnormal condition you 10 tips to care for dogs:

proper care:
You have to take care for your dog constantly, by providing healthy food to him at regular intervals, and give him clean water, and provide optimal temperature him, Vtomn his shade in the heat and in the cold Aldvo, may require dog care as care little for your child

limiting reproduction:
Castration is a very easy process to remove genital responsible for reproduction in males, can perform this type of operation when the veterinarian when the dog ages 6 months, and this process is very safe and does not have any negative aspects, if you are not interested in breeding your dogs of course

. procurement phase:

When you buy a dog, make sure to be registered in a licensed adoption center, and should be with the dog personal name and owner's name and phone number also contain, these precautions card helps protect the dog from loss 


4. Vaccinations:
Vaccinations improve the health status and psychological dogs, must be cleaned of harmful parasites periodically and clean the teeth, there is a very serious disease, and to protect the dogs from infection with these diseases should do these regular vaccinations. Thus help your animal to overcome the problems of hearing and sight, and arthritis problems, so you have to provide special care.

5. Veterinarian:
Vet offers you advice with respect to the required meals daily dog food, as well as vaccines that should be given to the dog on a regular basis and a lot of things about the dog's health type. If your dog has been infected with any disease or if he has any allergies, you must save the medical records and prescriptions in order to avoid future complications.

6. Proper nutrition:
Nutrition is very important for everyone, whether human or animal, because it directly affects the functions of the body. There are five basic food items, you must give it to the dog.
* - Water: the animal's body is composed of 70% water, so you'll be sure to give your dog sufficient amount of water.
* -Proteins: Careful to give the dog a sufficient amount of protein, the protein is necessary to build cells and tissues
* - lipid: help the dog to withstand hot and cold conditions, as well as internal organs, protecting fat generally found in fish and vegetable oils.
* - Carbohydrates provide energy for the body, found in corn, rice and wheat
* - Vitamins: to strengthen bones and fangs.

7. Cleanliness:
 Concern for the cleanliness of the dog and whose services and cleaning his fingernails
check the cleanliness of the ears.

 Training or dressage is going but it gives you more speed and easy results if a small dog, you have to reward the dog whenever the best in training even encouraged to complete his training.

9. took him for a walk:
All dogs, whether a puppy has had a months-old or a large dog, she needs walking, walking strengthens the heart, make sure you take your dog for a walk every day, and the daily walk for 15 minutes to stroll to the shop or the market will help the dog to be active throughout the day and also assisted in the construction of social life.

Be sure to secure the perimeter of the dog:
Things like electrical wiring and small items hidden under sofas, tables and beds can harm your pet, and that can make the ultimate dog sick.

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