Monday, August 11, 2014

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How to take care of the little doggy ?

Small dogs are fed feeding of breast milk after birth, and the two-week period since birth with a follow-up puppies care to meet the need of feeding .. and then it is necessary to the multiplication of the amount of food that contains a good and easy-to-digest materials that provide them with food types such as: Milk boiling soup meat with added bread, rice and vegetable soup I do not mind adding a medium amount of meat boiled after batch and be quantities suitable for the age and size of the body .. not a small figure, thus causing them weak pups and to many in bigger bellies, causing the weight of the stomach on the menus you shall take the warp and thus affect the height and be short list and theorist warped.
Interest in puppies: You need puppies from birth until the start of training attained to the age of special interest is the most important of the following:
1. Excessive cleanliness in her bed and then clean it from time to time.
 2. Stay away from the presence of stagnant water place to sleep.

3. detection puppies at the vet to detect diseases that appear on them.
4. detection of infectious diseases speed.
5. Find a harmful parasites daily in all parts of the body to make sure of their safety, especially ticks
6. Do not use water to avoid wetting the scalp body
7. choose healthy powder to clean fur
. 8. eye wipe clean with a damp cotton with an antiseptic solution.
9. quickly remove dirt, such as feces and urine from anywhere sleeping dog.
10. put the brush in the sun and dried for some time.
11. The switch of drinking water on a regular basis.
12. Find the mother's breast permanently along the lactation period.
 13. If the mother appeared on any illness or sores breast isolated from her children until treated.
14. Work on the entry of the Sun House.
15. When the appearance of the sun in the winter can take the puppies in a picnic.
16. must play with the dog after lunch for 30 at least.
17. Puppies should be vaccinated vaccine upon reaching the age of three months.
 18. should pay attention to the vulnerability of bone growth and calcium should help the dog.
19.and the age of three months, the puppies are given a single dose of expelling worms and repeated when necessary

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